Carinthian Piedpipers Beauty Batida - "Didi"

born: 13.02.2014

sire: Passepartout di Sutri    dam: Zita von Paradise of Wind

    breeder: Mag. Gerhard Pöllinger

What should I say.... Me and a terrier, a small terrier - no way   LOL
I´ve met this beautiful girl when she was around 4 months old and yes, she was special and still is!  I decided to take her with me for a "socializing-holiday" and totally felt in love as well as Tom and Piper did. Didi came to my home and was at home immediately, behaved very well, loved everybody and everything - simple a real darling. Piper adopted her and I have never seen her playing that much with any other dog before.... It was not sure if Didi will stay, but after some weeks Gerhard and I decided, that we couldn´t let her go - and we couldn´t be more happy with our decision. I think Didi doesn´t know that she is a terrier, she is more like a Border Collie (maybe I should try her on sheep LOL), she has no bad hair on her, always happy and always smiling. Sometimes she is staying with me and the Borders, sometimes she stays in Carinthia with Gerhard´s Russellgang - and no matter where she is, she brings so much joy to our lifes! One day I told Gerhard that I want her to be mine and now she is mine :)  Thank you soooo much Darling :)

She is still young, not really ment to be a show dog, but we decided to show her earlier this year in Juniorclass in Graz and she did really well and got excellent 2nd place. Then I showed her again in intermediate class at the double CACIB show in Klagenfurt where she was unbelievable succesful with not only winning CACA, CACIB & BOB on the first day, she was also 5th in FCI Group III. On the 2nd day she won CACA & res.CACIB  -  so let´s wait and see, what the future will bring as she is a real showgirl.